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Went to some place called world cafe and ordered a seafood ramen. Didn't realize that they meant a variety of seafood not just fake crap and tiny shrimp. I mean there are tentacles in my food. Made me think of the following silly scenario:

Joe: Excuse me waiter?
Waiter: yes?
Joe: there's a tentacle in my soup.
Waiter: you ordered the seafood soup sir. It has a worldly variety of sea creatures in various pieces, in a tasty piping hot broth.
Joe: well that's fine I suppose, but this tentacle is growing, thrashing about and I could swear it was demanding sacrifices.
Waiter: that's the Chthulu special, I'd advise that you find someone to sacrifice quickly or else...too late. We need more sacri, er customers!!

Anyhow... I believe places like NYC, DC, And tourist cities in general should institute one tourist rule: don't block the sidewalk. Yes we know you're new to the area and find this fascinating, but doesn't it annoy you when some group of people stop in your way to gawk at something? At least don't block the middle of the sidewalk, let us working slobs get through. Sheesh.

Rambling aside, trying to push through some issues at work to avoid murders as usual and after an odd practice where we decided to not play Mr. Crowley tonight I have one of 2 shows this week, and a likely mini tour sometime this year with my old friends, Deceased. Our guitarist James is filling in for them and we get more exposure. Sweet...

Ok, enough rambling, I now have to attack the beast in my Ramen. Have at thee!!!



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the music, the madness, and the possible travel
First off, the 2 song demo is done, and finally posted on the Bröhammer's Myspace page, the link for which is below.

Next, the travel. I've been trying to make my way back down to visit, but shows have been popping and we need more exposure, so I'm hoping not to push it back too far, but it might not be until march, *sigh*

In other news and as a random side note, I transferred to another AT&T store. The first one (West 34th ST)was right across from Madison Square Garden and a short walk to the Empire State Building. The new store (5th Ave) is down the street from Rockefeller Center, NBC, and Radio City Music Hall. I mention NBC because they tape the outside bits for the Today show just across the street where I walk from the subway to work. Man are those guys waaaayyy too perky for that early in the morning....

Did this Dr. Sketchy thing which as it turned out was a tribute to the Endless. It was mildly clever and there were 3 fine models (Death, Delirium, and Desire) doing poses. It would have been a lot more fun had it not been for the being all the way in the back of the hall, and barely being able to see as much as I wanted to do a decent drawing. *shrugs* I'll be looking for more opportunities like that in the future...

It wasn't up until the winter that I discovered how much NYC cares about Manhattan over seemingly all else where snow maintenance is concerned. don't get me wrong, it's still far better reaction time than DC but it's the difference between night and day it seems. I walk to Halsey ST. Station in Ridgewood and I'm assailed by huge piles of snow EVERYWHERE. I get to Manhattan and it looks like it snowed but everything is clear and paved. no frozen tundra to walk on. no wonder it cost so damn much to live there I guess...

Anyway enough ramblings, on to stuff!!!!

Later people,


quick question....
My band fished the mixing of the Demo a little while ago, and while we wait for the files I do have the link for the final mix if anyone wants to hear it.

Those who have heard my voice know what to expect. Those that haven't are in for a shock.

To navigate the familiar shores...
Ok, so I'm plotting a trip back down to the MD/VA/DC area for what will likely be the first or middle part of February. Looking forward to catching up with everyone I can, and apologizing in advance if I don't get to see anyone. It's been a whirlwind year but i think a visit is long overdue.

I'll post with more details or changes as they come.

Reflections, then to the future....
This has been a year of change for me. Moving to NYC, adjusting to the work environment (Manhattan), becoming the singer of Bröhammer, the's a lot of awesome to take in.

After moving I got to see Jason, Cindy, Mark, Sako, Andrea, hell even Nina briefly. Mike and Mandy have been and continue to be awesome friends and they've made my adjusting to NYC a pleasant experience. Well, except for meters... not much anyone can do about that. I've enjoyed seeing Georgia outside of cons, museums, doing shows,and a lot more. And it hasn't been a year yet.

As for the year that goes up to 11, the plans are largely more of the same, but better:

-becoming an inker for Dark Horse or Top Cow.
-pushing and promoting the band and getting on a label.
-expanding the amount of art I do
-finding ways of making my art profitable
-not relying on AT+T to support me for work.

It's all about fine tuning the formula. Not going to get mired in looking for stuff I don't need and getting distracted by things I can't control. Need to keep the party going.

That having been said, I don't take the chance often enough to thank my friends from home for all the support they gave me in moving up here and every step since. Most of you should know I consider you family and I promise to come back to visit as soon as it is possible.

2010 is coming to a close, a new year beckons ahead. Don't get mired in your mistakes but never forget them, don't think you can't achieve something if you truly want it bad enough and think carefully about where you are before considering where you want to go.

That's enough rambling kids.

Happy New Year.

And now for pleasantness....

Merry Stackmas!!!!!!

Since I'm not sure I'll catch up with you tomorrow I thought I'd share that now.

Okay that's it folks, back to your lives.



for the sake orf a bit of clarity...
This is not directly addressed to any person here I call my friend. during the course of my jobs and time interacting with new people I have found this to happen frequently enough that I do feel the need to speak on it.

As one who celebrates few holidays for numerous reasons I find myself being often either insulted or imposed upon by people; often not on purpose but nevertheless insulted or imposed simply because I do not share the warm fuzzy feeling that people get looking at a Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, or singing carols.

I am overjoyed that I have been fortunate enough to count people of many different nationalities and faiths as friends or at the very least associates. I learn a great deal about other people and other cultures through those relationships, it widens my understanding of how the world sees itself and the universe outside of it.

But it doesn't mean that I have to participate in celebrations I neither accept as true or acknowledge with any reverence or significance. It is dishonest and unfair to thrust the expectation upon anyone. I would not presume to do it to others.

And every bit as important it doesn't automatically make me an unhappy person simply because I don't except these ideals. I truly find this idea both petty and mildly reprehensible that my viewpoint is not only marginalized but is seen as a literal inferior notion.

If there is any truth to the notion of goodwill to others to commemorate whatever notion people wish to accept of this time of year, these are not behaviors to bring that point home.

Way to go asshats.

Now I'm off to happily enjoy a day off of doing whatever the hell I want, followed by another day of the same.



A thingie to pass the time....
It's been a while since I've posted regularly, and honestly I can't guarantee that much will change there. Lots of crap going on.

But what I haven't had here in a very long time is interaction. Everyone's so busy in their worlds and I'm many miles north so I don't actually converse much with a lot of people.

So what I'd like to do is see if anyone just wants to chat. just haven't done with a lot of people in a while and it would be a refreshing change from seeing people other than Warren Ellis pop up on my friends page posts. Obviously I love the man's work, but he posts rapidly all the time.

So if you want to ramble go nuts, I'm listening. If not, then I shrug and find something else to do with the day.


And the metal continues to flow into eternity...
The 2 song demo is done on our part recording wise, now it's time to let the engineer do the mixdown and such so we can melt faces with metal.

I have a cover design to work on, and much inking to finish up for more art samples and comic proposals.

Feel like things are finally beginning to hit stride right about now. And it feels pretty good...

More as life develops, which is happening pretty much all the time.



Metal mayhem and con musings...
The New York Comicon was a HUGE success. I went there with a simple goal: to get work. And I was not the only one. The big 2 and all the indie companies were there and artist were in abundance trying to show portfolios.

Got really frustrated when I couldn't get to show my work on Saturday, though thanks to my friends who happen to be former students, I met Walt Simonson and he looked at my work. He had some great stuff to say and certainly earns his nickname 'uncle Walt'. A genuinely nice guy.

Sunday rolls around and I get to the Dark Horse portfolio review. I finally get to be seen and discover the art director of Dark Horse and a personal favorite artist Chris Warner is looking at my work. What's even better is he wants me to mail him a packet of my work to shop around the office. Awesome.

Then to the Top Cow booth for portfolio review. Met with Top Cow's publisher and he took one my packets and had great things to say about the work, as did the artist at the table. Nelson Blake, one of Top Cow's pencillers said that my work was already better than the worst inkers in the biz and that he wanted to see my inks over actual pencils and not just copies. Gonna push both of these leads hard. Especially now that I have both an oversized scanner and printer.

And now to music. Just had our first show with our new guitarist, James Danzo. Having 2 guitars for our style of music is a boon and this show definitely spotlighted that. Talks of recording are getting louder and everyone is abuzz about the mighty Brohammer.

I'm afraid to get too excited, but if things keep up at this pace, I'll be working in both of my chosen fields professionally before the end of the year.

Things are most certainly looking up in either case. I appear to live on the edge of awesomeness, and trying not to fall off...

Well, off to finish work.




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